RCR Technology

For almost twenty years RCR Technology Corporation has delivered the highest quality IT technical services to our clients with an expansive portfolio of industry-relevant services, and deep technical capabilities around data management and application development.

Our demonstrated domain expertise and successful project implementations with data warehouse, business intelligence, systems integration, data conversion, reporting and data analytics make us uniquely qualified to well understand your staffing needs and expectations around Big Data.

With regards to application development; we have worked on significant state and federal projects as well as small to mid-sized business applications leveraging a combination of RCR Technology proprietary intellectual property and industry leading software solution platforms and tools to create value-added solutions for our public and private sector clients.

Uniquely Qualified

So why is our background relevant to our IT Staffing capability? RCR Technology is unique in that our staffing expertise is also used to staff all of our ongoing internal client projects. We use the same business process and staffing tools to support our local and national projects that have seen us grow over the years to over 190 professional staff.  Our internal technical expertise and resources contribute to our ability to identify, recruit, hire and retain qualified candidates for all of our clients. We have relationships and a proven business process in place to recruit talent from a global resource pool.

Flexible Services

Sometimes, our clients need experienced IT staff to work on their own premises, under their own direction, on their own projects. RCR Technology can provide IT professionals under flexible arrangements to meet unique project requirements.

We have earned and are proud of our long-term IT staffing relationships with many well-known clients including:

  • State of Indiana
  • IBM
  • Deloitte
  • Anthem
  • Xerox/ACS
  • Indianapolis Airport Authority


Our tenured and professional IT recruiters have decades of industry relevant experience, understand technology and its practical applications. Using our state-of-the-art recruiting tools and national reach, we can match skills to jobs, work style to company culture, and help to achieve individual career goals that support your IT staffing requirements.

Contract IT Talent

RCR Technology has hundreds of IT professionals with real-world technology experience at our fingertips. Our national recruiting reach means we can quickly identify and deliver resources you need to meet your project and contract workload demands. Each of our resources is evaluated and skills tested before we send them on an assignment with you.  Our results are guaranteed!

Long Term Project Resources

Take advantage of our team of technical professionals who have chosen a long-term career with RCR Technology. Our salaried professional technology team is comprised of experts in the many areas of technology, including leading software solutions and platforms, hardware, security, business process and project management to name a few. They could be available for your longer-term IT projects, allowing you to gain the stability of a full-time employee and the flexibility of managing your labor fixed costs.