Midfield Project- The Indianapolis Airport

Opened in 1957, the Indianapolis International Airport
terminal served the community well through many
renovations, expansions and years. However, studies
showed that its capacity to expand and adapt to the needs
of 21st century air travel would be limited. Planning for a
new Indianapolis Airport began in 1975 when the
Indianapolis Airport Authority (IAA) adopted a master plan
for airport development. The plan called for layout of two
parallel runways with a non-intersecting crosswind runway
while leaving room for a new “midfield terminal” complex
between those runways and new highway access from
Interstate 70.
For over the past 30 years those plans were developed,
reviewed, modified and updated. The “Midfield Project,” as
it came to be known, resulted in what you see today—a
modern new gateway to central Indiana built with no local
or state tax dollars. This new facility will serve about 8.5
million passengers arriving at and departing from
Indianapolis on one of 12 airlines.
In 2005, the Indianapolis Airport Authority (IAA) began
building a new mid-field terminal complex, which included
a new passenger terminal containing 1.2 million square-feet
and features two concourses with 40 passenger gates, retail
space for restaurants and shopping, state-of the-art security,
passenger conveyance, and baggage handling facilities.
One of first U.S. airports constructed and opened since
9/11, the entire airport complex is nearly one mile wide and
over two miles in length. It includes a new FAA air traffic
control tower and terminal radar approach control facility, a
new fire station, new roadway system, new surface parking
lots and garage, and new Ground Transportation Center.