SCIDL Data Exchange Project

The Department of Workforce Development (DWD) is a State of
Indiana Agency with a stated Mission Statement of advancing
and cultivating local economic growth by building a worldclass
Indiana based workforce thru partnerships and practice.
Primary services offered by DWD include; WorkOne Center
providing job posting, candidate recruitment, and job
placement assistance, Unemployment Insurance, labor market
information, regional workshops and professional training.
The DWD previously created a new job matching system
solution as one of several active applications utilized to deliver
DWD’s core services. Internal data and user information
previously existed in multiple places within the DWD network of
disparate data models which have evolved into their current
day solution architecture. DWD users and agency staff were
limited to their access of global network information and were
required to enter duplicate information while accessing the
The challenge faced by the DWD was their network was not
integrated nor collaborative across all of the various solutions.
Each system used a different technology with unique
capabilities to exchange data via a web-based service. This
resulted in an inefficient, costly system with low user
experience. The agency’s goal was to use an Enterprise Service
Bus (ESB) technology and create a solution that could manage
data traffic between the various systems comprising the DWD