Audit Services Project

Designed and maintain system to track fraud investigations for Bureau of Investigations, audit services and internal investigation.

FSSA TANF Data Warehouse Project

Welfare Reform Integrated Data Base – Warehouse design, quality assurance, information center management, application development. decision support, federal reporting. Creation of Statewide Client Index. Met all SLA requirements.


Support for FSSA Cognos Development. Proof of Concept, Developed Standards, Training Level 1 Architect.

FSSA Common Front End Project

Supported the initial design with the State. Responsible for all business rules and normalizing the rule set for over 25 State agencies; data validation, Common ID integration, led focus groups. Created customized rules set for solution.

ICES Implementation-FSSA

Project management, Eligibility Systems design, interface design and implementation and execution support. Provided technical staffing on an ongoing basis.

Child Support Bureau-FSSA

Developed a case management software solution for Fathers and Families Vendor use. One release per year. Operations Support. Interfaces with data warehouse and CMS for claims payment. Software also used by Family Planning Vendors.

State of Indiana- iBHAS

In 2007 RCR Technology was selected to develop the first statewide web-based data collection and reporting system for the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration. This solution (i-BHAS) provides a standardized platform for nearly 4,000 statewide caseworkers facilitating important data collection capabilities and processes resulting in improved clinical assessment and monitoring helping to improve the lives of Hoosier children in all 92 Indiana counties.

Indiana Eligibility Modernation Project (IEMP)

The Indiana Eligibility Modernization Project (IEMP) provided an opportunity for FSSA to upgrade the processes and infrastructure that support the delivery of Food Stamps, TANF and Medicaid services to needy Hoosiers throughout the state.

The objective of the IEMP is to allow clients better and easier access to case data, multiple venues for benefit applications, and more efficient eligibility determination process. Additionally, IEMP provides a more streamlined and effective statewide case worker infrastructure to receive and process client information required to make eligibility decisions.

The IEMP solution was built on a Curam Software platofrm and was deployed in a phased approach throughout the State of Indiana in 2012. To deliver this enhanced functionality, the IEMP leverages the Family Assistance and Care through Technology Services (FACTS) system. FACTS is a Curam-based solution that provides relevant work flow and task management capabilities. This solution interfaces collaboratively with other technologies to deliver a broad-based solution which includes IVR, Document Management, Call Centers, Service and Help Centers.